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Quick service overview video (2:09)

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Many companies say they 'put the customer at the heart of their business.' But until you can find a way to listen to all that feedback and turn it into better products, you'll never succeed. helps us listen to far more of our customers than we were before.

Andy - Hoover.comSenior Manager Social Media

Since 2014 I have managed product reviews for 5+ brands across a dozen+ online marketplaces. Since becoming a customer in 2016, my team's efforts have been enhanced significantly. The pricing is reasonable for the immense value gained.

MattReputation Manager

When customers voluntarily go online to provide honest feedback on their experience of our products, there is very little reason not to listen to what they have to say. is a great solution that allows us to tackle most of our retailers in one easy and convenient dashboard.

Kristin - AmericanTextile.comE-comm Category Analyst

Review Monitoring is a tool no company should be without! It not only enhances our ability to interact with consumers but also empowers our design teams to quickly recognize and diagnose trending issues. The benefit of this service has take our business analytics to the next level!

Jeremy - Otterbox.comCustomer Quality Engineer

Consumers use reviews when making purchase decisions every day, so the value of being alerted to and responding to customer's reviews cannot be understated. has helped us improve our review scores and brand sentiment through their data and reporting features.

Michael - Sanus.comSocial Media & PR Strategist